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When it comes to building a magnificent architectural structure, the interior, looks, and functionality are the aspects that are focused on the most. However, another significant aspect that complements the architectural beauty of a contemporary facility is the outlook of the balustrades. Balustrades are an important feature of a building because it serves a few important purposes. Security, endurance, complementing the interior and exterior, functionality, efficiency, and outlook of a building are massively dependant on the right use of a modern balustrade. 

The earliest use of balustrades was found somewhere between the 13th-7th centuries b.c. Magnificent Assyrian palaces were built by lining the windows, staircases, and fences with balustrade structures. Balustrades resurfaced again in the late 15th century in some of the legendary Italian palaces. From then on, balustrades spread across Europe, and eventually the whole world. 

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