Glass Balustrade

Innovative Balustrading brings you a superior assortment of the finest quality glass balustrades to suit the durability and aesthetics that are demanded by modern architecture.


Because of natural rigidity, glass is one of the ideal materials to use in balustrades. They are often paired with materials such as wood, stainless steel, and aluminum for a sleek aesthetic look. Our glass balustrades come in all of these materials, and they are always built by maintaining the safety regulations to ensure the best durability. 

Glass elements are one of the most popular aspects of the interior in modern architecture. This is due to the fact that glass creates the feeling of enhanced space in a building, and the area appears larger, more breathable. Glass balustrades are renowned for the benefit that they do not block the passage of light and creates a more open, airy feel to the environment. Glass is also easy to keep clean. Besides looking amazing, glass balustrades are also exceptionally robust, requires little maintenance, and lasts for many years. Glass balustrades also provide versatility as it goes magnificently well with many other forms of interior materials and styles. 

At Innovative Balustrading, you will find balustrades to support glass stairs. Glass stairs look amazing and, in our opinion, one of the most aesthetically pleasing modern architectural innovations. We have glass staircase panels to support you as you through your ups and downs.  Our glass balustrade clamps are incredibly durable and complement the glass panels massively in terms of support and durability. We also provide distinct designs of semi-frameless glass balustrades. Their modern applications are popular in both residential and commercial projects.