A pergola is one of the finest ways to turn your space into a page from an interior magazine. Pergola is a great structure to build right outside the home to create a warm, comfy atmosphere to dine under. 

Innovative Balustrading could build you a wonderful pergola on your front yard with the most durable wood. Wooden pergolas are, in general very renowned for their durability. We take it to the next step in terms of customizability. We can build your pergola with a roof to protect you from unwanted weather, a pergola with a canopy, we can even build you a lightweight, portable pergola. 

If you’re not looking for a heavy, wooden pergola, we have the capacity to design one with metal or aluminum. Although not very common, pergolas with a metallic finish look futuristic and serve the purpose just as well as a wooden pergola. Building a minimal, freestanding pergola is also a great way to save some expense and make a beautiful structure to be comfortable under. 

Pergolas extend your outdoor space, turns it into a comfortable little space. If you’re in search of an outdoor oasis that offers tranquility, look no further and ask us to enhance the aesthetics of your yard with the most beautiful pergola.